This page is designed to talk in general about all the brass we sell here at so you can make an informed decision before you buy.

All our brass comes from a range we own in North East Ohio. As such, we know what we have and how to treat it.

As long time shooters and reloaders ourselves, we decided to respond to the shortage of reloading components available following the election by offering our stockpile for sale to the general public.

All our brass is sorted by caliber in our facility. Unfortunately, we don't have the time or desire to sort by head stamp. As a result, all our brass is sold as found and could contain any of a number of manufacturers head stamps to include Federal, Remington, Winchester, PMC, Speer, Hornady, Starline and many others.




Please understand that our brass is NOT polished. Our experience shows that most guys polish it anyway, and there isn't enough time to shine it to the level the end user will likely want. As such, our brass is shipped as found. Having said that, since our brass is from an indoor range, it is generally pretty clean to start with. We recommend a few hours with some crushed walnut to get it shining brightly.

We make every effort to strip out the aluminum and steel casings, but you may find a few in any order. You may also find a hidden round of another caliber stuck inside one of your cases. 9 likes to hide in 40, 40 in 45, etc. Please accept our apologies in advance.

We do not count our brass out by hand. Rather, we weight each order to correspond to the count desired. As such, you will rarely get exactly what you order. Having said that, we always round up to ensure that you get more than you purchased.

We sell our brass in lot sizes of 100, 250, 500 and 1000. In general, as the amount purchased increases, the cost per casing decreases. We have priced our brass very aggressively to sell. The more you buy, the greater the savings.

We have large quantities of 9mm Parabellum, .40 S&W and .45 ACP. We have other calibers available as they appear on our range floor. As such, inventory is always changing. We have made a considerable investment in our online shopping cart software to allow us to easily and quickly list small quantities of brass for sale as it appears. If you see it for sale on the site, it is in stock. When our amount on hand is sold, the site automatically adjusts the inventory to reflect that we are sold out. Please stop back often to view our inventory.

We ship our brass in the large USPS Priority Mail Flat rate box. As such, all orders are assessed a flat $13.95 shipping charge. Most orders will fit in a single flat rate box, but if a large quantity is purchased, we will contact you with the increased shipping cost. We do not gouge for shipping like some online vendors. You pay what we have to pay the USPS to deliver it to you.

Finally, we use paypal for payment for all our orders. Paypal will allow you to pay with your paypal balance, or use your credit card like any other transaction. We only offer our products for sale in the United States, Territories, Possessions and APO/FPO addresses.